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The 7th World Water Forum was held in Daegu/Gyeonbuk of the Republic of Korea from 12th to 17th April 2015 with the participants of 41,000 from 168 countries. It became the 2nd World Water Forum after the 3rd one was held in Kyoto/Biwa lake/Yodo-river area in 2003.
Nagoya team contributed actively from three viewpoints.
① In the thematic process, Mr Chiaki Isaji of WA-Links made a presentation about Slow Sand Filtration, focusing on the outcome of the 5th International Conference on Slow sand and Bio Filtration, at the session 3.2.3 Eco-hydrology becoming integrative, transdisciplinary water, environment and sustainability science under the theme of “Management and Restoring Ecosystems for Water Services and Biodiversity”.
② A side event named “Solution for Water Challenges of Non-Urban Area with Simple and Low-Cost Technologies” was convened on the 15th April jointly by Japan Water Forum and Adhoc Committee on Simple and Low-cost Technology, in which Prof Masao Yamada of WA-Links worked as the chairman. This side event was supported by ADB, JICA, JETRO and UNDP.
③ Life and Water Chubu Forum, including WA-Links, participated in the Japan Pavilion Exhibition.

Program of Side Event
Report on Water and Ecology
1.Report and Photo of Side Event
2-1.Presentation(Key Note)
2-3.Presentation(Dr.Kumiko Haraguchi)
2-4.Presentation(Mr.Katsumi Iida)
2-5.Presentation(Dr.Kunio Takahashi)
2-6.Presentation(Prof.Naoyuki Funamizu)


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